Data Synthesis

Medialis Strategy adapts to each client

Medialis services include:

  • Network Meta Analysis (NMA)
  • Systematic Reviews

Data synthesis: Network Meta Analysis (NMA)

Head to head trials involving two or more interventions are expensive and time-consuming. As such, they primarily serve a regulatory purpose and, where appropriate, are limited to placebo-controlled trials.

However, the ‘which intervention is better?’ question remains.

The NMA is a better approach to use data in the public domain to model expected outcomes from two or more interventions. Recognised by NICE as a valid approach to understand these expected outcomes in the absence of head to head data, Medialis has vast experience in designing and executing these for publication in support of medical objectives.

Medialis Medical Plan

Learn how we can ensure that a medical plan is developed with the full engagement of all stakeholders.

Coordinating and collecting feedback in an efficient way to ensure the items included in the plan are agreed by the internal stakeholders can be a challenge.
Our approach involves using a novel group awareness and consensus methodology to generate and agree, the SWOT, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Aspirational Statement before we go away and design the tactics themselves.

Leverage of data in RWE generation

Influence of Pharmaceutical Company Engagement Activities on the Decision to Prescribe: A Pilot Survey of UK Rare Disease Medicine Prescribers

Key Points

Pharmaceutical companies employ a range of prescriber engagement activities, including promotional personal, non-promotional personal and non-personal activities.

Prescribers rated non-personal engagement activities as the most influential on their prescribing habits, followed by non-promotional personal engagement activities and, lastly, promotional personal engagement activities.

Opportunities to participate in real-world evidence (RWE) generating activities

All personal engagement activities affect HCP prescribing behaviours; however, they appear to be more influential when performed on a non-promotional basis by representatives of the company’s medical department.

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