Providing support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form of research services.

Medialis is a full Contract Research Organisation:

  • Patient registries
  • PASS
  • Qualitative research
  • Expert opinion
  • Discrete choice experiment

Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs)

  • Discrete choice experiments are used routinely in health and health care to identify positive characteristics of an item of interest.
  • A robust experimental design is crucial to any DCE.
  • Experimental design involves combination of attributes & levels to create hypothetical options & placement of options into choice sets.
  • Respondents are asked to choose between the options in each choice set.
  • It is then possible to build up a picture of the ‘ideal’ profile of a particular medicine or activity.

Medialis Medical Planning and the Multi-Stakeholder Approach

Learn how we can ensure that a medical plan is developed with the full engagement of all stakeholders.

Coordinating and collecting feedback in an efficient way to ensure the items included in the plan are agreed by the internal stakeholders can be a challenge.

Our approach involves using a novel group awareness and consensus methodology to generate and agree, the SWOT, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Aspirational Statement before we go away and design the tactics themselves.

RWE generation

Medialis’ end-to-end solution can incorporate a central trunk of data generation off which other research can grow.

Real world evidence studies answer the question frequently asked by payors: ‘How do real patients perform on the medicine?’

This is in contrast to the randomised controlled trials, mandated by the regulatory bodies before a product is granted marketing authorisation, which are designed to answer the question: ‘Does the medicine work?’

The next question usually asked is: ‘How much more cost-effective is this medicine compared to the ones we already have?’

The insights protocol

The insights protocol extracts and highlights the relevant subjects to deliver a flawless project.
From clinical trials and registries planning and management to successful market access and communication strategy, the insights protocol can guide you all the way providing an accurate and deep understanding.

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