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Medialis provides International, Regional and Local Launch Strategy and Planning.

Market access strategy

Managing access pathways requires specialist knowledge and understanding, both in terms of local payor engagement and evidence requirements for reimbursement.

Pricing & reimbursement 

Pricing and reimbursement decisions are becoming ever more complex in the current health care environment.

At Medialis, we use our broad experience and network of key influencers at European and International level to support our clients with tools and evidence to make the right decisions, ensuring the success of their products.

Health Technology Assessment(s)

Preparation of HTA dossiers can be a very cumbersome process. At Medialis, our multi-disciplinary team can support HTA submissions at all stages.

We can successfully deliver both economic models and submission dossiers. Our medical writing, technical expertise and communication standards ensure quality and efficient delivery of our work.

Health Economic Modelling

Quantified economic evidence can significantly aid a product’s value story. Medialis are perfectly positioned to advise on the choice, as well as the preparation, of the optimal tool.

We ensure that highest standards and compliance with the latest guidelines are met.


Our portfolio includes:


  • cost-effectiveness

  • cost-utility

  • budget impact

  • and other types of economic modelling.

Medialis,researching and developing new strategies for generating real world evidence (RWE)

We at Medialis are excited to share with you details of our RWE original research pipeline.

We’ve committed our own time and resources to research approaches to RWE generation so we can be in the best position to advise our clients of the most appropriate ways to meet their RWE needs.
If you’d like to discuss how we can help in your organisation’s medical planning or RWE generation, please get in touch [email protected]

Experts in Market Access Planning

A Medialis ‘Asset’ is essentially a new, discrete, piece of key evidence.

Each asset will culminate in a publication in a high impact factor peer-reviewed journal.

There are a number of types ‘assets’ that can be generated from a Strategic Manuscript to a Disease Severity Score.

Medialis will be able to select the appropriate type of asset and configure it to substantiate its Statement

Medialis Is Not ‘Just Another Agency’.

There Are Already Many Very Good Creative And Medical Education Agencies That Service The Pharmaceutical Industry. However, These Tend To Be One Dimensional And Reactive. Essentially, They Respond To The Question From The Brand Team:

‘I Need This, Can You Do It?’

The Answer Is Usually ‘Yes’ Which Is Followed By A Detailed Proposal.

Medialis Answers A Different Type Of Question –          Many Pharma Companies Ask:

‘I Need To Communicate Several Aspects Of My Brand This Year. We Have Our Critical Success Factors. How Do I Meet Them, And Can You Do This For Me?’

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Medialis can develop and deliver meetings programmes and materials, enabling clear messaging of the key aspects of the medical plan.

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