Medialis differentiated TKI -G within the tyrosine kinase class

There were three tyrosine kinase inhibitors approved for the treatment of EGFR+ve non small cell lung cancer.

The community was of the impression that there was no differentiation within this class and that TKI – A had the edge in terms of efficacy, even without any head-to-head data.

Three meta-analyses were conducted, which showed that in terms of efficacy, the three members were indeed equivalent. However, no systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted on the relative safety profiles of the members in the class.

Systematic review and meta analysis was conducted examining the difference between expected adverse rates across the three products. There would be specific reference to diarrhoea and rash as these represented ‘off target’ effects of the TKI class.

Asset Generation
A systematic review was generated using randomized control trial data and leveraged a network meta analysis to differentiate between the three TKI’s on their safety profile.

The following claim was generated:

TKI- G has a more favourable safety profile in terms of diarrhoea & rash compared to TKI – A and TKI – E.

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