Case Studies

Medialis has supported clients promoting a medicines for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, XLH, cancer, cardiac and neurological disorders and a variety of rare diseases

“The Impact of Candidate Influenza Virus and Egg-Based Manufacture on Vaccine Effectiveness”

Currently, influenza vaccine manufacturing using embryonated hen’s eggs remains the most common vaccine production method, primarily due to historical factors, the availability of supply, and lower costs.

Medialis generated a strategic manuscript highlighting the importance of weight in the management of Type 2 diabetes

The client promoted a medicine for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, …

Medialis successfully differentiated AZ (QW) GLP-1 within the GLP-1 class

Medialis devised a method to construct the ‘optimal’ characteristics of a GLP-1 given a range of characteristics from real products.

Medialis differentiated GSK- ERA within the Endothelin Receptor Antagonist Class

The endothelin receptor class of medicines is used to treat class II and III PAH.

Medialis differentiated TKI -G within the tyrosine kinase class

Three meta-analyses were conducted, which showed that in terms of efficacy, the three members were indeed equivalent, approved for treating of EGFR+ve non small cell lung cancer

Medialis built the Breakthrough Cancer Pain (BTcP) market

Medialis carried out full training for the sales force and implemented 1:1 online briefings for key customers. An electronic and paper leave pieces were also produced.

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