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Our team is full of motivated, smart, engaging and happy professionals. We specialise in healthcare, medical communications and medical affairs (medical writers, research analysts…). With international experience in a variety of fields (from oncology to rare diseases), we deliver high quality services.

In Medialis,

We recuit, train and retain the best candidates, to ensure high quality team members (from medical writers to statisticians) in order to reflect the high quality of the products we deliver. Altough we are a small  Medical Affairs company, we focus on delivering a unique and tailored service to our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. So, we believe that the best way for us to be able to deliver high-quality work, is with a high-quality team.

Medical Writer

In order to meet our increasing client demands, we are actively recruiting Medical Writers with around 12 months experience to join our Medical Communications team. The position is a full-time, home-based role. The offer also provides applicants with greater flexibility and an improved work-life balance. In addition, compensation for this role is competitive and in-line with current market remuneration.

As a Medical Writer at Medialis, you will be expected to have:

  • A degree in a biological or pharmaceutical related subject, preferably at PhD level.
  • An extensive understanding of the English language, with exceptional spelling, grammar and attention to detail.
  • The ability to clearly and concisely present complex scientific and medical ideas and concepts.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, as well as the capability to quickly adapt to other tools as necessary.
  • Experience with reference management software (EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero etc.).
  • The ability to conduct literature reviews, to establish knowledge bases in a wide variety of subject matters.
  • Experience with the creation of an assortment of scientific communication deliverables, such as manuscripts, posters, slide decks and advisory board.
  • The ability to set and meet both personal and wider deadlines, as well as the ability to work largely unsupervised.
  • A willingness to travel when required, both nationally and internationally.

While demonstrating the above, members of the Medialis team will often have to collaborate on projects which may be outside their strict role. Therefore, candidates should have a willingness to involve yourself in projects in areas such as business development, primary research…

You are part of the medical writers community, you fancy a change of pace, and would like to join a small team where your efforts can significantly shape the future of your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your CV and/or any questions at [email protected].



Junior Research Analyst

Medialis is a boutique Medical Affairs agency specialising in designing medical- marketing, Real World Evidence planning and delivery for our international pharmaceutical industry clients. Medialis focuses on delivering a bespoke, end-to-end service for her clients, by using innovative approaches to generate the evidence required to support commercialisation of new and established medicines. And so, Medialis relies on experience, proactivity, competence and creativity of the team. 

To meet increasing client demands, we are searching for a Junior Research Analyst to join our team(medical writers, research analysts, statisticians). The position is a full-time, home-based role (any country, however, there is preference for European time zone). This is to provide applicants with greater flexibility and an improved work-life balance, as well as an opportunity for Medialis to recruit international talent. Compensation for this role is competitive and the contract involves an initial probation period with pay and working time requirements 

Junior Research Analyst will support the team across departments with :

  • Data management, data formatting, document formatting.
  • Preparation of graphs, tables, presentations.
  • Data extraction from scientific and non-scientific publications.
  • Accuracy and quality checking of the data.

Also, the successful applicant will be expected to support the team on-demand as required per business needs. Our ideal candidate will be enthusiastic, highly motivated, and possess strong organisational skills 

Person Specification: 

  • Excellent spoken and written English and strong attention to detail. 
  • Good team working and communication skills. 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, MS Word and Excel in particular.
  • Previous experience with software such as Power BI or Tableau.
  • Capability to work with other software tools as necessary. 
  • Experience in the creation and delivery of documents, slide decks, and social media. 
  • Strong online research capabilities using search engines and online databases. 
  • The ability to set and meet both personal and team level deadlines.
  • The ability to work mostly unsupervised. 
  • Willingness to learn, as well as having an attitude of curiosity. 
  • Strong desire to develop personally and professionally. 


Medialis would especially be interested in candidates who have an interest in modern and innovative solutions, in order to deliver more appealing medical communication. The ideal candidate in addition would also: 

  • Have a life sciences degree.
  • Speak other languages.
  • Have creative skills and can deliver high quality art work.
  • Basic understanding of statistics.

In addition to the above, Medialis offers support for the right candidate in their professional development via personal development plan into more senior roles.  


Finally, the applicants should submit their pre-interview task along with their CV and motivation letter 


Interview ask (JRA task2): 

The task it to produce data visualization in order to show differences between:

  1. Objective and normative answers of experts; objective means how things are now if the costs are included in current costing according to the experts; normative means how things should be according to the experts.
  2. The aim is to show potential differences in underestimated costs of disease e.g. by showing which and how much each of the cost categories from the table is underestimated by not being counted at present; compared to what expert think should be the case.
  3. Differences between countries.
  4. Feel free to suggest anything else that would help to build some story and see patterns in the data; you may add data if needed; make the assumption if needed.
  5. You will be assessed more on how interesting, clear, and appropriate your data visualization is, rather than if you use the right numbers or assumptions.

Firstly, Columns B-F show the cost categories with their levels, with B being the most parent category.

Secondly, Column G contains the average score. Which is an indication of expert agreement that this cost category should be included in the estimation of disease burden.

Thirdly, Scores >2.5 means that they are important enough o be include, with the max being 5 as very important.

Also, note that some of the experts didn’t provide the answer.


For the Word document (Interview Task 1 ), the instructions are provided within the document.


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