Medialis Intelligent End-to-End Medical Affairs

Medialis has a long track record in the developing bespoke medical plans for a range of medicines from rare diseases to vaccines…

All medical planning requires a degree of creative thinking.

All medical planning requires a degree of creative thinking.

Often, this is informed by a traditional situational analysis and SWOT, tools that will be familiar to brand teams.

Given the critical nature of key evidence careful consideration must be given to the type of evidence to generate and how it will be used.

Medialis works closely with the organisation’s medical, marketing and market access functions to agree on critical success factors and works with them to generate aspirational statements that need to support the generation of key evidence.

Delivering Real World Evidence... because clinical trials only get you so far.

Medialis recognises the challenges of in-house delivery of medical affairs projects, offering a complete Intelligent End-to-End Medical Affairs delivery vehicle.

Medialis ensures the right strategic asset is generated for the right reason...communicated in the right way.
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Jandhyala method [1]

A novel group awareness and consensus method (Jandhyala 2020) is used to develop the medical plan. This engages all the internal stakeholders relevant to the commercialisation of a medicine ensuring all external stakeholders’ needs are recognised and accommodated in the development of the critical success factors and aspirational statements.


[1] Ravi Jandhyala (2020) A novel method for observing proportional group awareness and consensus of items arising from list-generating questioning, Current Medical Research and Opinion, DOI: 10.1080/03007995.2020.1734920

Engagements 1 & 3 will utilise the full method (awareness and consensus stages). Engagement 2 will simply execute the consensus stage.

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