Medialis Intelligent End-to-End Medical Affairs

Medialis has full CRO capabilities as well a RWE and data synthesis expertise. This enables Medialis to deliver each and every RWE ‘asset’ we design for our clients.

Medical Affairs Strategies for ​ Real-World Evidence Generation​

The benefits of being able to both design and deliver the same key evidence?

It ensures the asset remains true to its design and ensures it meets its desired objectives.

Furthermore, generating a piece of RWE is only half the story. The appropriate KOLs need to be engaged in any asset’s delivery.

Medialis can map external experts in a given therapy area and engage with them on a peer-to-peer level to optimise the delivery of each piece of key evidence…

After assets are configured…

A decision needs to be made as to which external experts (or KOLs) the organisation will work with to generate the assets.

Each asset will require experts to be selected on the basis of their experience and interest.


Medialis will work with you to select the appropriate experts

Medialis will work with its client to map the external experts in the therapy area and select those most appropriate to participate in each asset generation.

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Medialis Medical Planning and the Multi-Stakeholder Approach

Learn how we can ensure that a medical plan is developed with the full engagement of all stakeholders.

Coordinating and collecting feedback in an efficient way to ensure the items included in the plan are agreed by the internal stakeholders can be a challenge.

Our approach involves using a novel group awareness and consensus methodology to generate and agree, the SWOT, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Aspirational Statement before we go away and design the tactics themselves

Why us?

Because we can deliver the optimal RWE generation for your products:

  • Overview of the disease and global market trends for the G7 i.e., USA, EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK), and India.
  • Attributes of therapeutic market revenue, algorithm or treatment practice and forecasted market size from 2019 to 2020 segmented by G7
  • Epidemiology Forecast till 2020 for G7
  • Attribute Analysis of prioritized drugs on the basis of Safety, Efficacy, and Route of Administration
  • Market Access & Reimbursement strategy
  • Key market drivers, market barriers, and unmet medical need
  • A thorough analysis of the rate of uptake of the potential drugs, market uptake by drugs, patient uptake by therapies, sales of each drug

Example from a rare disease registry

The low prevalence of individual diseases presents a challenge and limits generalisability of patient studies​.

International rare disease patient registries are essential for optimal data collection and research​.

This study examines selected factors and their association with evidence generation, via scientific publication, from international rare disease patient registry data​.

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