Medialis Intelligent End-to-End Medical Affairs

Medialis ensures that the final stage of delivery is executed in the most impactful and appropriate manner.

Medialis supports, organizes and manages content for all meetings

We provide Non-profit services and support in medical communications and medical affairs, as well as Medialis generated insight protocols and publications in RWE.

  • Congress symposium presentations
  • Congress posters
  • Publication in indexed, peer-reviewed, high impact factor journals
  • F2F meetings
  • Online meetings
  • Advisory Boards
  • Promotional and non promotional supporting materials

Medialis supports, organizes and manages content for all meetings: symposia, internal training, or advisory board meetings.

The target audience for each key evidence asset is a key consideration at all stages of its delivery. Medialis ensures they remain a central focus throughout delivery.

Medialis Medical Planning and the Multi-Stakeholder Approach

Learn how we can ensure that a medical plan is developed with the full engagement of all stakeholders.

Coordinating and collecting feedback in an efficient way to ensure the items included in the plan are agreed by the internal stakeholders can be a challenge.
Our approach involves using a novel group awareness and consensus methodology to generate and agree, the SWOT, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Aspirational Statement before we go away and design the tactics themselves.

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